Emily Picture

In determining what I would spend my working life on, I could not find anything more meaningful than helping striving families in the community I have grown up in live up to their financial potential.  My duty is ingrained in a personal drive, a family history, and commitment to my community.  I believe my most important role is helping clients make better and timely informed decisions through with support from my firm's experience.


Away from work, I enjoy walking my dog, attending group boot camps, spending time at the family farm with a burgeoning crew, working on my latest DIY project, or very likely heading to a park to see all that nature has to offer.  Nothing is more relaxing than the weight of a pack, the repetitious sound of my feet on a trail, and finding immense beauty all around.


I grew up in a farming culture which valued financial security rooted in ownership and independence.  I watched my parents grow a family and build a successful farm in an ever modernizing culture.  They managed to raise three kids while running a small business and my mom working as a dedicated dietitian.  Delayed gratification was no stranger, so knowing how to get the most of money was paramount.  It is still difficult to order a drink at a restaurant knowing how much cheaper it is to get at home.  One thing I learned on the farm is the best way to prepare for a bad harvest is to not squander when you have excess.  This mindset and the level of care it takes to protect and grow wealth have been programmed into me.


After graduating with a finance degree from St. Mary's University, my dad took the less common path of starting a farming business.  When he wasn't a farmer, he was a mechanic, meteorologist, business owner, market analyst, investor, boss, and mentor.  He would often talk about the current state of the commodities market, what they might do (futures) and, how he stood in relation.  He espoused a healthy strategy of embracing tried and true principals while leveraging new technologies.  Over the years of meeting numerous challenges, I saw the ongoing investment in the business and the constant effort it took to run a successful practice.  Professional advice and financial instruments played an important part in supporting what happened in the fields and at the dinner table.


My family often reminisces over the original location of my grandparent's farm near 151 and 410, before the major highways in San Antonio existed.  Though I can't match that level of history, I can say I remember when Taft High School was a country school and when I picked rocks in a field that is now an up and coming shopping center next to 1604 and Potranco.  When I was dreaming of start my own financial planning practice, I wanted it based on relationships, not transactions.  Going into a male dominated field, I knew it had to be personal.  I had to do it where I called home, with those I care about the most.  A driving force of building a practice was to learn how to manage my own wealth and allow me to earn independence and ownership.


My own journey to financial security started with my family and was forever altered by a conversation with an economics teacher at Taft, Kathy Carvajal.  She simply illustrated the exponential benefit of starting early.  The investment equation is when you start, how much you put in, and how it grows. The most important factor is 'when you start' and it is the factor each of us has the most influence on.  Any of my retirees would give this one piece of advice, “Tell them they need to start.”  I had a goal to start at the age of 20.


In learning about investing and coaching myself, felt easy and intuitive. Before starting in this career, I realized most people around me didn't feel the same way.  That was a source of worry, insecurity, or embarrassment, exactly the opposite of what a financial planner wants.  I decided to create a business out of empowering families to take action, control of their finances, and to secure their financial future. I have seen how partnering with a professional can change the game. Every day I work with talented colleagues whose gifts inspire me.  My greatest satisfaction comes from seeing the transformation of people over time and the relationship that comes from that.  I get to give the advice I would have want my family to have and share advice from a long line of harvesters of success.


Qualifications and Associations:

  • Certified Financial Planner

  • University of Texas, Austin – Degree in Government

  • FINRA Series 7 and 66

  • Texas Group 1 –Life, Accident, Health, and HMO

  • Notary Public

  • Licensed since 2007

  • Past Board member of San Antonio LGBT Chamber of Commerce

  • Mentor at Business Careers High School

  • Board member of Northside Education Foundation